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Cabo San Lucas Travel Guide

 Your resource for things to do in Cabo, tourist attractions, food, Cabo activities, and more.

This is the Complete Cabo San Lucas Travel Guide — Learn everything you need to know about Cabo San Lucas activities and things to do in Cabo. Where to go, what to see, what to eat, and much more.

Cabo is a stunning coastal holiday destination boasting over 300 days of sunshine and warm temperatures year-round, making it great for a summer holiday or winter getaway. Perfect for tourists of all ages, Cabo offers many adventurous activities and cultural experiences. It is an affordable place to visit with a lot of one-of-a-kind Cabo San Lucas activities to offer.

The 750-mile-long Baja California peninsula reaches its southernmost end at a half-mile rock formation at the tip of Cabo San Lucas. This symbolic landmark is known as “Land’s End”. This promontory of rock sets the demarcation point where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meet. This is what makes Los Cabos San Lucas such an incredible place to visit.

It doesn’t matter where exactly you start your day, or what Cabo activities you want to check out — there’s something for everyone in Los Cabos!

Travel to Cabo San Lucas

Cabo is a world-renown destination and for that reason, it’s also easy to get to. Perfect for US vacationers, as flights are only a few hours, and even Australian tourists, who only have one short stop in LA on their journey. For UK travellers, there are now direct flights to Cabo.


How to drive to Cabo from Los Angeles

The non-stop driving distance between Los Angeles and Cabo San Lucas is 1150 miles or 1851 km. It will take you around 22 hours to travel this distance without making any stops. This is going to be a really long drive!

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Flying to Los Cabos: Los Cabos International Airport

Being the sixth largest airport in Mexico, Los Cabos International Airport receives about five million passengers a year. It has now two terminals. One to operate the domestic national flights and the other one takes in all of the international flights.

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Best Time to Visit Cabo San Lucas

If you are planning a trip to Cabo San Lucas, you are probably wondering when would be the best time to take your trip. You can decide when to travel based on the activities available at different times of the year, or based on how crowded or expensive the area will be.

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Cabo San Lucas Activities

With the waters of the pacific playing on its glorious beaches, Cabo San Lucas offers a number of exciting activities for the visiting tourist. If you are wondering what you can do once you reach there, here are some activities for you to try out.

Sport Fishing in Cabo

Cabo Sailing Ocean Adventures is offering half or full-day Sport-Fishing charters that meets luxury and adventure. Our highly experienced knowledgeable local bilingual crew will bring you right to the very best spot.

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The top five exciting things to do in Cabo San Lucas

Are you traveling to Cabo San Lucas anytime soon? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, uncover the most exciting activities in Cabo San Lucas before you travel there. That way, you’ll create a good plan. And, you’ll be prepared to have the time of your life, stress free.

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Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

Fishing is one of the activities you can do all-year-round in Cabo. And, different seasons offer different advantages and opportunities. So, discover how to enjoy the wealth of endemic species all around Land’s End when fishing in Cabo.

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Winter Activities in Cabo

Traveling to Cabo in the winter? You’re in luck! There’s plenty to do in and around Cabo during the winter months, thanks to a thriving tourism industry and the beautiful weather and scenery that keeps people coming back for more.

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Cabo San Lucas museums: The top seven museums in Cabo

These Cabo San Lucas museums will tell you everything about the local culture and history of the city. And, we can promise you this: there’s plenty to visit!

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Cabo San Lucas Food

One of the good things about Cabo food is that it doesn’t matter if you prefer to be on land or enjoying your time on the sea, this place offers a variety of well-made Cabo food and Cabo San Lucas restaurants that you will have to try. If you are a foodie, you should definitely try out the gourmet food in Cabo San Lucas. You will be happy to know that there is a seemingly endless choice of tempting cuisines.

However, you will also be able to enjoy some international dishes in the local restaurants that offer everything, from casual options to fast food. The local cuisine is actually centered on the ingredients which are sourced from the sea.

Unique Dining Experiences in Cabo

One can always be amazed when tasting street local food at a place, and doing so in Los Cabos is no exception. You can always find lots of options that will help you to get the best eating experience.

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Foodie Hotspots in Cabo

In Cabo San Lucas, there are so many great places to eat that it can be hard to choose! Thankfully, we’re here to recommend some of the best locations that foodies love to flock to in Cabo San Lucas.

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Cabo San Lucas Traditional Food

Traveling to Cabo in the winter? You’re in luck! There’s plenty to do in and around Cabo during the winter months, thanks to a thriving tourism industry and the beautiful weather and scenery that keeps people coming back for more.

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Cabo San Lucas Tourist Attractions

Besides the great weather and beautiful beaches, Cabo San Lucas tourist attractions offer adventure and rich culture to visitors. We’ve compiled a list of the top Cabo attractions to see during your visit. They range from historical landmarks to galleries, museums, and underwater activities.

Best Tourist Spots to Visit in Cabo

The Baja California Sur of Mexico is popular for its wine, diving, and natural beauty. Beautiful beaches, prehistoric cave paintings, and whale watching have made it into the list of top beautiful spots you should visit in the Baja California peninsula.

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Educational Excursions in Cabo San Lucas

If you’re trying to keep young children stimulated or just seeking enrichment on your vacation, these educational options in Cabo San Lucas are enjoyable for all.

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Snorkeling and Swimming in Cabo

If you love Cabo snorkeling, Cabo scuba diving, and swimming, you’ll want to make sure you plan your vacation around access to swimmable waters. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind about going swimming in Cabo.

The best places to snorkel in Cabo

With reefs, caves and sunken ships to around, it’s not surprising that Los Cabos has become one of the most popular snorkeling and diving destinations.  These are the best places to snorkel just 15 minutes by boat from the Cabos’ marina.

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Best Swimming Beaches in Cabo

Blessed with the gorgeous blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, Cabo San Lucas is a great place for swimming. If you’re planning to visit Cabo San Lucas soon, these are the seven best beaches to swim.

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Is Cabo San Lucas Good for Scuba Diving?

Cabo San Lucas is home to a wide variety of marine wildlife, making it an ideal scuba diving and snorkeling destination. Learn more about the benefits of scuba diving in Cabo!

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Whale Watching in Cabo

Cabo San Lucas whale watching is well known for its magnificent interaction opportunities. From late December to late March, groups visiting Los Cabos can have the privilege of observing the migration activities of Pacific Gray and Humpback whales up close. Cabo whale watching is a must-do for any traveler during the winter months!

Cabo Whale Watching Basics

Everything you need to know about whale watching in Cabo San Lucas. When to visit and what to expect.

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Choosing The Best Whale Watching Option

Choosing the company that will give me the best whale watching experience can be confusing. Let’s try to make some order here.

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Getting Married in Cabo

For the most important day of your life, why not choose the most beautiful location in the world? Cabo San Lucas has lots of great options for those planning a destination wedding. The easiest way to plan your wedding in Cabo is to plan it with one of the many resorts on the peninsula.

Top 5 Reasons to Have Your Wedding in Cabo

Cabo, Mexico is the perfect place to tie the knot! Choosing the right wedding location in Cabo can make or break a destination wedding.

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Best Bachelorette Party Ever in Cabo

When you’re planning a bachelorette trip, there’s a lot of destinations to consider. Cabo is here with a little bit of everything to help ensure your bride-to-be has a blast!

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Best Cabo Sunset Spots

Los Cabos is the perfect place to enjoy some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. What are you waiting for? Book your Cabo vacation and search for the best place to enjoy a magnificent sunset! Or let us take care of the details and book a Cabo sunset cruise!

Uncover the best places to enjoy a sunset in Cabo

Being in Cabo gives you an incredible opportunity to witness a beautiful sunset. Such a magical moment that we all want to experience is truly unique in Cabo San Lucas.

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Top 7 Instagram Worthy Spots in Cabo

Everyone likes to share the best of their vacation on social media, and some are even able to make a living off of beautiful Instagram posts. Below are some of the shots you won’t want to miss on your Cabo vacation.

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