The Baja California Sur of Mexico is popular for its wine, diving, and natural beauty. Beautiful beaches, prehistoric cave paintings, and whale watching have made it into the list of top beautiful spots you should visit in the Baja California peninsula.

Cabo Pulmo

cabo pulmo

Cabo Pulmo is National Park which is located around 60 miles north of the famous city of Baja California Sur.  Scuba diving fanatics and lovers of natural beauty consider this park to be a haven. Among the various wonders of Cabo Pulmo, the three oldest reefs lie off the coast of North America. As a matter of fact, this is approximately 20,000 years old.

Sierra de San Francisco’s Rock Paintings

Sierra de San Francisco’s Painting

You will come across the most pictographic and striking rock of Baja California peninsula in the mountain range of San Francisco. It is in the Mulege’s municipality. In fact, it is a world heritage site of UNESCO. The drawing dates back to thousands of years with some of the areas having carbon which dates back to 7000 years ago.  There is a series of 250 caves which is situated in El Vizcaino bio reserve. It is said that the drawings were made by Cochimi people who lived in Baja California. The drawings display the silhouetted pictures of tools, animals, humans, and also their rituals.

Isla Espíritu Santo

Isla Espíritu Santo

Isla Espíritu Santo is also known as the Holy Spirit Island.  This is one of the several islands which you will come across in the Sea of Cortez which have been names as UNESCO World Heritage Bio reserves. This is a place where you will be able to go for swimming with tropical fish and sea lions.  Moreover, you can walk through the various untouched beaches. You can spend the day exploring the biosphere by kayak, by boat, or on foot. It is the 12th largest island of Mexico.



No doubt, Mulegé is one of the rarest things in the enormous desert land, the oasis.  It is a town which located at the foot of the river valley. You can take a walk and enjoy the impressive views of the green valley. You can also visit the old prison that has been constructed.



If you visit Baja California Sur, you should not miss out on Balandra.  This is the bay which looks into the Sea of Cortez is circular and it is surrounded by sand dunes. Thus, the sea is much calmer here than the rest of the gulf. The bay has clear blue water and the water is at waist level. Hence, you can cross a substantial distance from one side to the other.

Laguna de San Ignacio

Laguna de San Ignacio

The Whale Sanctuary in El Vizcaino is a significant part of the Laguna de San Ignacio.  This is the only nursery in the world that has a gray whale.  Charles Melville Scammon was the first one to hunt for whales in the lagoon.  He is a whaleman who has written a book on the marine mammals and will initiate the process which will bring them to near extension. This has recently been turned into a protected area.  The local people who live around this place have changed the vocations from hunting and fishing to protecting the local biosphere. Blue whales, seals, and dolphins can be seen in the winter months.