Cabo Sailing Ocean Adventures

Luxury Sailing & Boating in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo Sailing welcomes you to the enchanting waters of the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean with an array of incredible sailing and Cabo boat tour experiences including day sails, cabo snorkeling, cabo sunset cruise, cabo whale watching and much more!

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Shared Snorkeling or Sunset Sailing

Book shared Snorkeling or Sunset Sailing boat in Cabo San Lucas
  • Adult: $99 $89.1 USD / Child: $45 $40.5 USD
  • 3 hours Snorkeling & 2 hours Sunset cruise.
  • Cap. 14 guests.
  • Explore the sparkling turquoise waters of the Sea of Cortez on this sightseeing snorkel adventure or romantic Sunset Cruise of Los Cabos’ Land’s End Arch!

Private 38' Sailing

Book Private 38' Sailing boat in Cabo San Lucas
  • 1-4 pax: $700  $630 USD
  • Adult: $90 $81 USD  Child: $45 $40.5 USD 
  • 3 hour cruise / Cap. 12 guests.
  • Sail Cabo San Lucas on a beautiful private 38 feet sailing boat and snorkel in tropical waters alongside colorful sea life.

Private 42' Sailing

Book Private 42' Sailing boat in Cabo San Lucas
  • 1-4 pax: $920  $828 USD
  • Adult: $90 $81 USD  Child: $45 $40.5 USD 
  • 3 hour cruise / Cap. 14 guests.
  • Out two 42' luxury sailing boats await for a fun day on the water. Great snorkeling at Cabo San Lucas bay and a relaxed sailing admiring a colorful sunset.

Private 42' yacht

Book Private 42' yacht in Cabo San Lucas
  • 1-4 pax: $1,120  $1,008 USD
  • Adult: $90 $81 USD  Child: $45 $40.5 USD 
  • 3 hour cruise / Cap. 18 guests.
  • Enjoy Cabo San Lucas on a luxurious 42 feet Sundancer yacht. With a large padded cabin-top cushions and a shaded cockpit, this luxury sport cruiser will accommodate you with style while enjoying snorkeling or sunset cruise in Cabo San Lucas.

Private 44' luxury yacht

Book Private 44' luxury yacht in Cabo San Lucas
  • 1-4 pax: $1,400  $1,260 USD
  • Adult: $90 $81 USD  Child: $45 $40.5 USD
  • 3 hour cruise / Cap. 12 guests.
  • Experience a truly modern & luxurious yacht. Our 44' yacht is a perfect combination of a comfortable and stylish yacht with all the amenities you need for a fun and memorable time on the water.

Private 46' yacht

Book Private 46' yacht in Cabo San Lucas
  • 1-4 pax: $1,400  $1,260 USD
  • Adult: $90 $81 USD  Child: $45 $40.5 USD 
  • 3 hour cruise / Cap. 20 guests.
  • Our top notch 46' luxury yachts are wide and spacious holding all the amenities needed for a truly magnificent day! Enjoy Los Cabos snorkeling sites and awing sunsets.

We operate with top-quality luxurious sailing and motor yachts on all of our Cabo boat tours. All vessels were customised for our Cabo boat charters which includes padded lounging areas, wide shaded are and other luxury amenities to make your experience safe, fun, and comfortable.

Cabo Sailing Ocean Adventures offers a variety of luxurious Cabo boat tours, inspired by the breathtaking landscape of Baja’s southern peninsula. Unmatched aquatic scenery, wildlife, and more are available in Cabo San Lucas. Book a Cabo boat tour and make the most of your visit!

Our Most Popular Activities

Cabo San Lucas Snorkeling Cruises

Cabo Snorkeling

Smooth sailing, beautiful snorkeling.

Cabo San Lucas Sunset Cruises

Cabo Sunset Cruise

Relaxed sailing, breathtaking sunsets.

Cabo San Lucas Cruise Ship Guests Tours and Cruises

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Sailing adventure life-time memories.

Cabo San Lucas Whale Watching Cruise

Cabo Whale Watching

Close encounters with Gray whales.

Cabo San Lucas Special Offers on Cruises and Tours

Special Offers!

Cabo Sailing offers vacation deals when booking your sailing & motor yachts online. Don’t miss out on these savings!

Cabo San Lucas Scuba Diving Cruises

Cabo Scuba Diving

Discovering the underwater wonders.

Cabo Sailing offers both shared (public) and private daily sailing and yacht adventures that consistently exceed expectations.

We focus on small groups which allows us to offer personal service and great amenities. With over a decade of experience, we created Cabo San Lucas luxury sailing and boating tours that are accessible, affordable, and fun.