When you’re planning a bachelorette trip, there’s a lot of destinations to consider. Cabo is here with a little bit of everything to help ensure your bride-to-be has a blast!

Your dear friend is getting ready for the most fabulous day of her life, and you are in charge of planning the Girl’s Night Out that will leave memories that will last a lifetime. You will not find anything that finds the perfect balance of exciting adventure with rest and relaxation better than you can find in Cabo San Lucas.

Here are some of the incredible things to look forward to during your Bachelorette party in Cabo.

If you are even considering Cabo, you want to spend time on one of the most beautiful beaches of the Baja Peninsula. There are many resorts that can help accommodate you with rooms, beach access, food, and drinks for this celebration. Like Golf? There are many golf courses up and down the Baja coast, and some, like the One&Only Palmilla resort that have golf courses on site.

Riding Tours

Do you enjoy horseback riding? There are opportunities to ride horses all along the beach, and many of these services will meet you at your hotel with fresh horses to help you experience all the beauty of the Cabo San Lucas countryside.

If you are feeling especially adventurous, there are even some camel riding tours that you can take through some of the more desert style locations in Cabo.

They will take you to some of the more traditional villages and show you how to make tortillas from scratch, and for a more traditional bachelorette party experience, many will let you sample some of the best tequila you can find.

Water Excursions

Don’t forget the water! Despite its many beaches, the best place to experience the Sea of Cortez is aboard one of the cruise ships and yachts that pilot through these warm current waters all year round.

Would you like to swim with the ocean life? That can be arranged off the deck of one of the many wonderful cruise ships and yachts. If you want to get even closer to this place of beautiful, diverse ocean life, take a snorkeling or scuba cruise and go explore the coral reef from one of these sailing tours.

You can even go whale watching during the winter months, and these sailboats are trained to get in as close to these magnificent ocean mammals as can be done without disturbing their natural social patterns.

Sailing tours happen twice during the day, for three hours each, and sunset cruises last two hours. You can book trips on personal yachts or join in with other parties on bigger ships, and all of them provide a light meal complimentary snack food, and an open bar for all adult passengers. Ladies who love the sea could spend much of their party on the ship itself!

Fancy Dinner

What about food? Cabo has perfect access to the ocean and some of the best seafood available, as well as some of the world’s most celebrated chefs that work kitchen magic with these seafood delicacies.

In particular, you should check out El Farallon at the Pedregal Resort and Maria Jimenez Restaurante for excellent Mexican cuisine. One of the local favorites is Edith’s, which serves Mexican dishes as well.

If you are feeling particularly daring, you should try out Casiano’s, under Chef Casiano Reyes, where they do not use a menu, but instead allow you to choose from a list of daily ingredients, and the local chef prepares a new creative dish for you.

While some of these fancy restaurants focus on small plates, that will not be a problem here. There will be plenty of food to share among your party at this exciting dining experience.

Casual Food and Drink

Looking for something a little simpler? Cabo is filled with great food of all types. They are famous in particular for fish tacos, and you can get them at all over Cabo, from simple to fancy, cheap to expensive. The best way to experience the food in Cabo is to take a food and drink tour downtown.

The guides will make sure you get the full experience of all that Cabo has to offer, and you may be able to end your tour at one of the better dinner restaurants such as Edith’s. Since many of these restaurants are family friendly and stay busy with general vacationers, some of the travel guides suggest taking a later dinner, around seven or eight o’clock perhaps, which allows you to miss the first dinner rush and enjoy a more intimate evening with your friends.

The sand, the waves, the reef, the fish, the music, the culture, and all the beauty of Cabo San Lucas is waiting for you. If you want to make the most memorable celebration as a wedding send off to your good friends, book a resort, book a sailboat, and come experience the once-in-a-lifetime adventure that you can only find in Cabo.