To visit one of the best vacation destinations of the world there’s three ways to do it:  driving, on a cruise ship or flying.  I’m talking about Cabo San Lucas, and in this post well focus on the fastest route to get there, by plane.  What does the sixth biggest airport in Mexico have to offer and why is one of the most recommended ways to visit Los Cabos?  Keep reading and learn more about it!

Traveling to Baja

The three options to get to Los Cabos, offer their own interesting pros and cons to look out for.  Driving, for example, it’s a beautiful journey, but too long and prone to the road dangers of your car breaking down.  A cruise ship has all the commodities so you don’t have to worry about getting to Los Cabos, but it’s mostly about your time on the ship than anything else.  You’ll barely have time to live the full experience of visiting Los Cabos.  That leaves us with the fastest way of visiting the region:  flying.  This way you not only make sure of enjoying your whole time in Cabo but also you get the commodities you could get on a Cruise ship or driving your own car there.

Now that you’ve decided to take a flight, let’s go over the general information about the airport and flights. Furthermore, let’s see what you can do with all the time saved flying to Los Cabos international airport.

Baja California

Baja California is the second-longest peninsula in the world which is divided into two Mexican states, measuring 775 miles in total length.  Being divided into two states this peninsula is Baja California Norte and Baja California Sur (North and South). The Los Cabos International Airport where you will be flying pretty soon is on the southern tip of Baja California Sur.

A brief history about Baja California

The Baja California peninsula was discovered hundreds of years ago by Hernan Cortez and it was first considered an island.  Years later, after being fully explored its true nature was revealed.  The peninsula was now clear and began to be marked on maps and charts as a Peninsula stick together to what it’s now Mexico and the United States.

What’s Los Cabos region?

Los Cabos represents the fishing villages, which is now a place full of luxurious resorts, offering all kinds of services for the most exclusive clients.  But, let’s not forget that it all started as a fishing village composed by Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo.  Furthermore, together they shape the Los Cabos region. In San José del Cabo is where you’ll find the Los Cabos international airport.

The Sea of Cortez

As it was mentioned before how Hernan Cortez was considered the explorer that found Baja California for the first time, it’s because of this that the sea next to it is called The Sea of Cortez.  It’s in present times considered the most biologically-diverse body of water on Earth.  And, this body of water extends almost to the US border.  It’s in this amazing sea with its pristine waters where you can do all sorts of things like Snorkeling to swim along with exotic tropical fishes.  If you’re interested in fishing, there’s a great number of professionals that will take care of you and take you to the perfect fishing spots on the sea.  There’s also diving and boat riding.  It all depends on your personal interests on what to do!

Los Cabos International Airport

Being the sixth largest airport in Mexico, Los Cabos International Airport receives about five million passengers a year.  And, as the year passes that number tends to grow more and more!  There has been an increase of 15% in yearly passengers. And, these numbers are just from last year!  The Los Cabos International Airport was renovated and expanded back in 1997.  The Mexican architect Manuel De Santiago-de Borbón González Bravo, expanded the airport.  It has now two terminals.  One to operate the domestic national flights and the other one – you guessed it right! – takes in all of the international flights. Feel like home and enjoy the facilities of the airport and the services within the Los Cabos International Airport terminals like:

  • Dutty free shops
  • ATMs
  • Currency exchange
  • WiFi
  • Luggage wrapping service
  • Disabled passengers’ services
  • Car rental offices

VIP Lounges

If you must spend time within Los Cabos International Airport while traveling for business or pleasure, you can also find the VIP Lounges.  These offer a relaxing space to enjoy a soothing environment while waiting for your flight.  This spectacular place includes:

  • Private spa
  • Lounge area
  • Soda machine
  • Local and International drinks
  • Billiards table

There’s so much to do in Cabo that you’ll never want to leave.  And getting into the amenities of the airport is only the beginning!

Cabo Sailing

cabo sailing, Luxury Yachts, Cabo San Lucas Yacht RentalsRelax on a comfortable yacht while your captain navigates the enchanting waters of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean.   To elaborate, enjoy an array of incredible sailing experiences including day sailing, diving, sunset cruises, whale watching and visiting great locations like El Arco de Cabo San Lucas.  And, consider a cruise for family reunions, romantic cruises, or celebrating an event.

Cabo Sailing operates only with well-equipped, high-end luxurious sail boats and yachts.  All their vessels come with custom-made padded lounging areas, large shaded seating and other amenities to make your experience safe, fun and comfortable.  Also, Cabo Sailing has over 10-years of experience on the waters around Los Cabos, so you can be assured of having the best and safest adventure.

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