If you are a foodie, you should definitely try out the gourmet food that Cabo San Lucas has to offer.  You will be happy to know that there is a seemingly endless choice of tempting cuisines. However, you will also be able to enjoy some international dishes in the local restaurants that offer everything, from casual options to fast foods. The local cuisine is actually centered on the ingredients which are secured from the sea.

With the help of the perfectly seasoned and fresh products, the city will offer, various kinds of dishes which you should not miss. Here is a list of the most popular foods to try during you visit Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo Popular Food

Mexican Chocolate Clam

This is a kind of clam which is prepared in a unique fashion. It is roasted on the stone bed and it is covered with rosemary that adds a special flavor to the clams.

The Mexican chocolate clam is something that you should try out on your next visit to Cabo San Lucas.

Shrimp and Fish Tacos

Shrimp and fish tacos are known to be the classic meals of Cabo San Lucas. There is a wide range of local specified, special seasoning, and freshness of the catch that combine to make the tacos a memorable meal during your visit.

Small pieces of shrimp and battered fish are placed on the corn tortilla with tasty coleslaw, salsa, and vegetables for some extra flavors.

Smoked Marlin

Marlin is the most common species that you will come across in this area, people here prepare in many different ways. Nonetheless, most of the time, it is shredded and smoked so that it is well-preserved. As a matter of fact, it also helps in enhancing the flavors. The meat is pretty delicious when it served with cheese and vegetables on the corn tortilla.

It is also served in a marinade along with the crackers, tortillas, and totopos, and the used tacos. In Cabo San Lucas, the marlins are always flavored and fresh. Hence, you should not hesitate to order it when you visit a local restaurant.

Comida de Pobres

This dish is also called the poor man’s food. However, you should not be deceived by its name. This is a popular food item. It is simple but extremely delicious. The item actually contains exquisite soup made from seafood along with the Mexican beans and rice accompanied by flour tortillas.

Guemes Tamales and Fajados Chicken Tamales

Guemes Tamales is considered to be a tradition all throughout the peninsula of the Baja Peninsula. It is actually made from pork or chicken, olives, raisins, and olive oil. The Fadados are basically chicken tamales and is the traditional food of Cabo San Lucas. It is prepared with delicious seasoning, stewed chicken, and corn dough prior to being wrapped in the corn husk.


This is also called the dragon fruit. It is the traditional miracles treat. There is ample pitahaya because of the unique climate and flora of the area. This is actually a cactus fruit that grows in the desert regions. It is used for making jellied candies, jams, crystallized pitahayas, and marzipan.

Famous Cabo San Lucas Drinks

As per the tradition of Cabo San Lucas, the meal should accompany Clamato. This is a drink which is made from clam and tomato juice. Another well-known drink is Damiana liqueur. This is made from the plant with the same name and combines with cane alcohol, sugar, and water.

It is usually prepared with indigenous Guaycrua for various ceremonies. This is actually digestive liquor. As a matter of fact, it is also known to be a relaxing aphrodisiac.

You should not miss out on any delicacies which will help you to know more about Cabo San Lucas.

Image source: Team Sea Foods.