If you’re trying to keep young children stimulated or just seeking enrichment on your vacation, these educational options in Cabo San Lucas are enjoyable for all.

You’re on vacation, and you want it to be mind-enriching, especially if this is a family vacation. In Cabo, full of beaches and great restaurants, it’s hard to believe there is anything to do but relax. Don’t worry though, as we’ve compiled a list of cool things for your kids to tell their friends about when you get home. They range from historical landmarks, to galleries, museums, and underwater activities.


For a beautiful and unique site, you must visit El Arco, or The Arch. The Arch at San Cabo is a beautiful natural arch sandwiched between two beaches. Wind and water carved out this natural shape from the limestone over many years. It is not accessible by land, so you will get to take a nice boat ride.

During some parts of the year, one can stand under the arch, but most of the time you will only be able to view it from the boat. Interestingly, it marks the spot where the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California collide!


The Casa de Colores School of Traditional Mexican Cooking is a great place to check out. This is the home of Donna Somerlott. Donna is American, but she is teaching after 35 years of cooking and traveling around Mexico.

She teaches hands on cooking classes in her home. Private and small group lessons are available. She spends time teaching you about authentic Mexican recipe techniques and ingredients. Not only do you get to have a one-of-a-kind experience, you gain new skills that you can bring home with you.

Art Galleries

If you are a lover of art, there are several noted art galleries that may be worth a look. There is nothing like being able to appreciate art in any country, and Mexico is no different. Many of them also feature local artists, and people who live in the area.

The Hector Estrada Art Gallery

The Estrada Art Gallery features paintings and sculptures by Hector Estrada. In fact, he is the one who runs the gallery. You also have an amazing opportunity to take a lesson or two while you are there! You can go online and sign up for both painting and sculpting classes.

The Tomas Spangler Photography Gallery

Tomas Spangler is a photographer who has been freelancing for more than a quarter of a century. He has worked for National Geographic and photographed all over the world. Spangler loves adding elements of surrealism where possible. He is currently featuring his work in Cabo San Lucas with plans to branch into other parts of Mexico.

The Golden Cactus Art Gallery

The Golden Cactus Gallery features art from the United States, Mexico, Baja, and Canada. The artists all portray their vision and experience of Cabo. The owner is very friendly and will help you out if you want to take something from the gallery home. The souvenirs range from small trinkets to actual paintings. There is something for everyone here!


For a more historical experience, the best places to visit are the museums. All of these are full of artifacts and history, and are important additions to the country.

The Natural History Museum

The Natural History museum has several paleontological and geological collections. The museum also houses the remains of birds, reptiles, and marine creatures. It is a study of history in the course of seven rooms. It is full of the various instruments used to observe the history of Cabo San Lucas.

El Pasado Marina de Museo

The Pasado Marina is a beautiful museum that documents the fishing in the area. The exhibits feature varying instruments, taxidermist’s representations of the fish, and historical photos. This museum is a tribute to the ocean, because it is so vital to the livelihood of the area.

El Museo de Las Californias

The Museo de Las Californias is small, but houses some interesting facts. It’s artifacts date all the way back to the explorer Hernan Cortez – all the way back to the 1500’s!


In addition to El Arco, there are other ways to enjoy some educational experiences out in nature. Marine biology is on full display in Cabo San Lucas for those who enjoy it. Whale watching cruises, both private and shared, are popular, and snorkeling also allows you to see a whole world of animals you don’t usually get to see.

Those with an interest in folklore can take a walking tour at the Desert Park Natural Reserve, where tour guides love to tell local stories. The park features native cacti, some as old as 400 years, and camel rides for the more adventurous.

While in Cabo, there’s so much to do and learn. Mexico is a stunning and significant country. There are so many exciting locations to help you see this while you are visiting! Enjoy your trip and enjoy learning about somewhere new!