Scheduling what you want to do during your Port of Call in Cabo can be stressful — there’s so much to do, and so little time! Here’s some options to consider as you weigh the possibilities.

When your cruise ship makes anchor in Cabo San Lucas, there’s a lot to take in. From the beautiful views to the wide range of activities available, it’s hard to know which options are best to take advantage of for the short amount of time you’ll be there.

Below are some options that you might want to consider so you can enjoy your time in Cabo San Lucas, no matter how short your port call is.

Bask on the Beach

One of the most popular attractions in Cabo San Lucas is its gorgeous beaches, so why not check them out while you’re here? El Medano is the main beach that runs along the length of the town, but other beaches like Lover’s Beach, which requires a water taxi to access, are also available.

Water sports of all kinds, including snorkeling, parasailing, and scuba diving options can all be found along El Medano, as can a variety of restaurants and shopping.

Get Your Golf On

Another way that many people prefer to spend their time at their port call in Cabo San Lucas is golfing. Cabo has several beautiful golf courses to choose from; some of them even overlook the water so you can enjoy a lovely view while you play.

It is important to note that many of these golf courses book up in advance, so this option may require some planning in advance. If you think you may want to golf on your day in Cabo San Lucas, call ahead and book your tee time so you’re sure to get your game in. When booking your tee time, be sure to keep travel time in mind, as well as the fact that disembarking the ship can take 15-20 minutes.

Whale Watching

If you’re visiting Cabo San Lucas at just the right time, you can take advantage of one of the area’s greatest attractions: whale watching. From late December until late March, the waters around Cabo San Lucas are known for the Pacific Gray and Humpback whales that migrate to the area. They even give birth to their calves while they’re here, so you might even be lucky enough to see a new baby surface!

Whale watching tours take either 2 or 3 hours, depending on if they’re private or shared. If you decide to book a private tour, you can even go snorkeling during your tour to get the most out of your time.

Swim with the Dolphins

Swimming with dolphins is a lifelong dream for many animal lovers, and it is one that can easily come true in Cabo San Lucas! There are several options for having a ‘dolphin encounter’, swimming with dolphins, or even riding them. Most of these dolphins are born and raised in captivity, making them docile and friendly.

Like the golf option, swimming with dolphins often books up ahead of time. If you think you might want to swim with dolphins while you’re in Cabo San Lucas, consider reaching out ahead of time to book your appointment.

Take in the Sights

Cabo San Lucas is a tourist town for a reason; it is him to some truly beautiful sights! One of the most common that people like to see is El Arco, a natural stone formation in the shape of an arc. To see it, you will likely need to charter a boat tour, as it is out away from the shore. While it is not recommended, there are certain times of the year where it is said you can stand on the sand underneath it!

Check Out the Museums

If you’d rather enjoy your time in Cabo San Lucas indoors, there are plenty of fun ways to do that! Cabo is home to quite a few fun and educational museums, where you can learn about everything from the region’s natural history and animals to the culture. If you really want to know more about the area you’re vacationing in, consider visiting the Museo de las Californias or the Natural History Museum. If you’re a fan of marine life, check out La Paz, or The Whale Museum.

These museums are great options if you’re traveling with children and need to keep them entertained during your time in Cabo San Lucas. Some of them even have play areas to let the little ones work off some energy!

Plan Ahead

As you consider what to do with your brief time in Cabo San Lucas, remember that many of these activities are by appointment only, so you may want to contact the businesses and see if you need to make an appointment. When making these appointments, note how far they are from where your cruise ship will dock. Also keep in mind that delays may happen, and that disembarking often takes 15-20 minutes after the ship is docked.

Give yourself a little wiggle room in your schedule to accommodate that, and enjoy your time in Cabo San Lucas!