If taking great photos on your vacation is important to you, Cabo is the ideal destination to get some. Take the best photos in Cabo in a selection of beautiful locations that offer unique photo opportunities.

Building memories or your social media following with aesthetic shots, Cabo offers some unusual opportunities to take fantastic photos. Cabo has them all, from majestic wildlife to vibrant culture, cuisine, and architecture. There are many locations throughout Cabo to snap some beautiful photographs.

This article lists some of our favorite picture-taking spots and recommendations you should check out. Those spots will guarantee you take some memorable shots!

Whale Watching

Let’s start with the most common and most popular on this list, and what puts Cabo on the map.

Every year thousands of tourists flock to Cabo to watch the whales that frequent its waters.

The whale-watching season spans most of the year from April to December. Throughout this time frame, a variety of whale-watching tours are on offer.

Cabo’s whale-watching tours let you get a closer perspective of these giants. The excursion is a must for any wildlife enthusiast or animal lover and an opportunity to catch some photos.

Cabo Snorkeling & Diving Photos

Best Photos in Cabo under the waves

Cabo is known for its variety of water sports, allowing you to explore both above and below the water. If you’re a photography fan you may own an action or underwater camera such as a GoPro.

If so, then you definitely want to give snorkeling or scuba diving in Cabo a try. There are a variety of different experiences on offer. Participating in underwater activities your camera lens will end up snapping nonstop. Your film will be exposed to glorious reef scenes and marine life lying under Cabo’s waters.

Sunset Cocktails

Cabo offers a variety of beachfront cocktail bars that have glorious ocean views.

A casual dress code and floors made of sand are perfect to unwind at the end of an eventful day. Cocktails make for great aesthetic photography popular on social media. Add the scene a view of stunning ocean sunsets, and you have an unforgettable photograph too!


A peaceful way to spend your evening is sitting in the marina. The marina setting provides photo opportunities from moment to moment.

Catching the fishermen, focused and busy in action, is an artistic expression. Here you can watch the fishermen return to the marina with their daily catch. Following them are hungry seals and pelicans too!

Remember to be respectful, and ask permission before snapping photos of locals.


Returning to the water, Cabo is well known for its cruises. Cruises happen throughout the day, allowing you to capture a variety of different shots. The sunset cruises are probably the most popular with amateur photographers, however, as Cabo looks gorgeous at nighttime and the ocean backlit by the setting sun is breathtaking to view.

On cruises, you can also get more up close and personal with some of Cabos marine landmarks such as the Arch of Cabo San Lucas and the Old Lighthouse.

Walking Tours

There are different walking tours to experience around Cabo. These tours help to learn more about the history and culture of the area.

If you enjoy exploring, why not explore the streets of Cabo at your own pace? Walking the streets, you will discover something exciting down each alleyway. From local cuisine to flea markets, street vendors, and independent shops.

Exploring the alleys is the way to snag holiday souvenirs but also for snapshots of the authentic side of Cabo.

Camel Safari

The Baja desert is right next door to Cabo, and for those looking to venture inland can be an amazing place to take photographs. One of the most popular ways to explore the desert is via a camel safari. This not only allows you to take a picture or two of these amazing creatures, but also experience riding them firsthand.

Most travelers only have their eyes set on the sea when it comes to Cabo, but by adventuring further and exploring the desert, you’re guaranteed to take far more unique photographs that will wow your friends and family back home!

Playa del Amor

Speaking of sights few tourists get to see, why not explore Playa del Amor? A little outside Cabo, yet still easy to travel over.

Playa del Amor is known as the ‘hidden beach’ or ‘lover’s beach’, and can be accessed via boat only.

Playa del Amor has to be seen to believe. It is a small golden-sanded beach enclosed by a cavern, making it exclusive and the ultimate secret getaway.

You can take photographs that seem out of this world. Here at the beach, rock formations, waves, and wildlife are ready to be documented.

Other Locations

There are so many more locations to explore that we couldn’t fit them all on this list! Some other favorites of ours include La Casa De La Cultura, the Lighthouse of the False Cape, Sierra de la Laguna Mountains, and El Cañón de la Zorra.

Explore them all to find the best picture spots for your photo album!