There are a wide range of romantic things to do in Cabo San Lucas. You can take part in many activities, starting from horseback rides and barefoot fine dining. Lover’s Beach is known to be a popular destination for couples.  This is a picturesque beach and you will be able to access it through water taxi. This is a great place for snorkeling, swimming, romantic picnics, and sunning.

Activities for Couples in Cabo San Lucas

Take a look at a few things that you can try out as a couple, when you are in Cabo Sun Lucas.

Sunset Cruise

There is nothing better than enjoying the sunset view of Cabo San Lucas from the sea. This can be made even better if you avail a sunset cruise with wine and jazz music. No doubt, it is the best experience that you are going to have.

Private Dinner or Picnic at the Beach

Choosing to dine in Los Cabos is definitely a treat. You can enjoy a private dinner at the villa with the food prepared by a personal chef.  If you want, you can also visit an exquisite local restaurant. In case you want something super romantic then you go for a dinner on the beach and under the stars.

Spa for Treatment

Cabo San Lucas is home to many amazing spas. As a matter of fact, it has some renowned spas in the world. You will be able to enjoy a couple massages in some of these spas. If you want you can take the advice of the local people. Moreover, you can also set up a private spa session at your villa.

Margarita Making Classes

Margarita making classes are quite popular among the guests. This way you and your partner will be able to work as a team. In fact, you are going to take home some memory which you are never going to forget. You will be bringing a piece of Mexico home whenever you prepare margarita.

Tequila or Wine Tasting

Wine or liquor tasting can be so much fun. You are definitely going to have a fantastic time doing this.  It will enable you to learn about the history of tequila and taste the different varieties. You and partner can choose your favorite.

Relax on the Beach

If you want to spend a day alone with your loved one, Cabo San Lucas many beaches which will offer you that. These beaches are scenic and beautiful. You will have an amazing time at the Lover’s Beach. This beach offers complete privacy with miles long beach.

Dolphin Swims

Dolphin swims might be the most popular activity in town.  There are many ways to experience these intelligent and delightful creatures. The encounters will take place in shallow water. The swim might not be that physically demanding but you will need a trainer who will guide you during the process.


Cabo San Lucas is known to have excellent sailing condition outside the protected bay area. As a matter of fact, it is considered to be the top location for the charters, sailing lessons, and tours. The sunset tours are the most romantic activity that you can indulge in. The fresh sea breeze, chilled champagne, and the breathtaking view are going to be a lifetime experience for you.

If you are more adventurous, you can opt for scheduling adventure or a snorkeling adventure. As a matter of fact, you can also opt for horseback riding. In case you are not afraid of heights, you can opt for one of the many zip tours that are provided in Cabo where you will be able to fly.