If you care about the environment, reducing your travel footprint on the world is important to you. Luckily, traveling green in Cabo is a valid option that offers plenty of opportunities for eco-conscious travelers.

For many modern travelers, ecotourism is a big factor in defining their holiday destination and activities. A great thing about visiting Cabo is the simplicity of having an amazing time without a big environmental impact.

Here we’ll explore top travel tips and learn about some best green activities you can do while in Cabo.

General Rules for Traveling Green in Cabo

Choose a Green Hotel

Many holiday destinations have been slow to reduce their environmental impact. The Cabo population understanding the natural attraction to the area, has taken steps to become a top green holiday destination.

There are many luxury green hotels that travelers can choose from and relax in knowing they’ve made an eco-conscious choice. Some popular choices include Riu Palace, ME Cabo, and Riu Santa Fe.

Travel in the Low Season

Traveling in off-peak season means less overcrowding for the locals and the environment. One of the best things about Cabo is that due to its high temperatures and wealth of activities on offer such as whale watching (more on that later), snorkeling, and cruising, the fun really can be had all year round.

Avoid Plastic Products and Dispose of Waste Responsibly

This should be given no matter the type of traveler you are but is even more important in an area with such abundant marine life as Cabo. Plastic threatens the health of endangered species found there as well as helps to increase pollution rates.

A great tip when hanging out in the heat of Cabo is to purchase a reusable water bottle.

Shop and Eat Locally

Shopping and eating locally help support the local population of Cabo, allowing them to grow and giving the area an economic boost. Cabo is abundant in fine cuisine and local delicacies which will truly give you a flavor of the area.

There’s also a range of small shops and flea markets where you can purchase unique, handcrafted souvenirs.

Use Reef/Ocean-Safe Sunscreen

Cabo is well known for its water activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving. However, while most tour operators will do all they can to keep marine life safe, customers using unsuitable beach products can make a large impact on the health of the reefs and oceans.

Sunscreen which isn’t ocean safe can contain microplastics, as well as ingredients that are harmful to marine life or can contaminate local ecosystems. Therefore, when traveling green in Cabo, using reef-safe sunscreen is a must!

Follow the Rules

Rules surrounding the natural habitats and indigenous species of Cabo should always be followed. While you may want to explore, leaving designated trails and feeding animals will often cause more harm than good. You may interrupt an animal’s sensitive rituals or damage local flora essential to feeding the fauna of the area.

Pay attention to warning signs, as they are there for a reason, and avoid trespassing. Being a respectful traveler will help ensure you benefit the overall health of the area you visiting and will keep you safe also!

Eco-Friendly Things to Do

Whale Watching

Whale watching is probably the number one activity that draws travelers to Cabo between April and December. Visitors can take cruises to view these majestic creatures in their natural habitat as they visit the sea of Cortez to breed and raise their calves.

Most common are humpback whales and gray whales but orcas, blue whales, sperm whales, and bottlenose dolphins aren’t unheard of either! Trips run morning, noon, afternoon, and sunset, meaning they perfectly fit around most itineraries.

In regards to traveling green, Cabo truly makes it easy! Many cruise providers have environmental concerns at the heart of the service they provide. ‘Responsible Whale Watching’ is commonly practiced, which involves intercepting the whales on their natural swimming and hunting patterns instead of chasing them and forcing interactions.

Many services also support local conservation and sanctuaries too, meaning that you can relax on your cruise knowing you’re not contributing in any way to the endangerment of Cabo’s largest visitors.

San Jose Estuary

The San Jose estuary scenery offers spectacular views and a variety of rare, endangered birds in their natural environment.

Ideal for early morning visits, common birds seen at the estuary. Including the critically endangered Belding’s Yellowthroat, and a variety of heron species, bitterns, and gray thrashers. Some breathtaking scenery.

Wild Canyon

If you’re a green traveler looking for a rush then you should visit the eco-park Wild Canyon. Spanning across a breathtaking canyon, it’s great for those wanting to get outdoors and has some fun with 10 different zip lines on offer.

Conservation Programs

Cabo has a range of conservation projects which you can visit and help out with during your stay for a rewarding and memorable experience. The Turtle Release Program, for example, allows visitors to adopt a baby turtle which ensures its safe release into the wild.

Because of Cabo’s close relationship with nature and reliance on its beautiful surroundings for tourism, the area is very dedicated to keeping the plants and animals there safe and protected. With your help, Cabo can stay as beautiful as it’s always been!