For thousands of students on their spring break, Cabo San Lucas happens to be one of the top destinations for a vacation. The Mexican city also attracts thousands of tourists from all over America every year thanks to its picturesque beaches, fascinating marine life and a vast range of exciting activities.

Being a tourist hotspot, Cabo San Lucas cannot give the visitor the true feel of Mexico. On the other hand, that might be a good thing. It is common knowledge that not all parts of Mexico are safe for tourists. U.S. authorities tend to regularly warn travelers of visiting certain areas of Mexico due to the dangers they pose for visitors.

However, to truly understand whether Cabo San Lucas is safe for a visit, there are a few facts to know.

Political and Social Aspects

Compared to the other areas of Mexico, Baja California is safer for tourists, epically the southern region where Cabo San Lucas is located. Being isolated, it does not face the issues prevalent elsewhere in Mexico as a result of drug trafficking and the resulting unrest.

Authorities in the U.S. tend to monitor these areas for their safety to tourists. From a political and social viewpoint, Cabo San Lucas is considered by them to be rather safe. However, this does not mean that all tourists will be safe from everything. There may be certain issues that affect some of the travelers.

For example, pickpockets might be an issue. Moreover, it is recommended that tourists check the website of the U.S. Department of State before going ahead with their plans to visit Los Cabos.

Dangers in the Beach

Despite being relatively safe, tourists should keep an eye out for warnings on the beaches. There are quite a few beaches in Cabo San Lucas which are known to be dangerous for swimmers and divers. Make sure that you check the signs and with the locals before heading off to the water. The waters are prone to strong waves and even riptides, which are deadly for even experienced swimmers.

Therefore, you must always indulge in water sports and other activities in the areas that have been designated for the same.

Visiting Cabo San Lucas

The best time to visit Cabo San Lucas is from the month of December to April. This is the peak season of the city. As such, there will be a lot more people around you. As such, there is little risk of being alone. Additionally, there are a lot of events to look forward to during this period including the annual migration of whales.

Irrespective of when you wish to visit this beach city, the fact is that you should choose a flight. Authorities state that driving to Cabo San Lucas can be rather dangerous. While isolated from the rest of Mexico, violence, assault, and theft are still major issues that tourists will have to contend with if they choose to drive. As such, authorities recommend that you fly to the city and drive only when you must and that too on toll-roads.