If you live in the UK, Cabo may have been a bit too far for you in the past. Now, TUI flying from the UK to Cabo San Lucas became easier and a lot closer!

Cabo has gained a reputation recently for being a favorite of A-list celebrities. The list includes names such as George Clooney and Nicole Kidman.

The short flights make Cabo Perfect for US & Canadian vacationers. However, even Australian tourists, who only have one short stop in LA on their journey, come to Cabo.

UK to Cabo San Lucas Direct Flights

Not until recently have UK tourists been left out and could not find a fast route to Cabo San Lucas.

Having to travel up to 35 hours to get to Los Cabos with multiple stops and layovers, Cabo hasn’t been an option for many.

Direct flights from the UK to Cabo San Lucas & Los Cabos

The holiday brand TUI has just created the first-ever direct UK flights to Cabo. That is for their Winter 2019/Summer 2020 holiday packages!

This new package slashes the cost of flights and cuts travel time down by two-thirds. In some cases, travel time is cut by half. Cabo’s doors are now very much open to UK travelers.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at why you should visit Cabo, and also how to get there!

Why You Should Visit Cabo

Cabo is a stunning coastal holiday destination with over 300 days of sunshine and warm temperatures year-round. These conditions make it great for a summer holiday or winter getaway.

It is friendly to all ages, with child-friendly activities, action, and adventure. There are more sedate events for older tourists as well. It is an affordable place to visit with many one-of-a-kind activities.

The number one activity in Cabo is definitely whale watching, with Cabo’s waters visited each year by a variety of whale species who come to have their calves. There are many great whale watching tours available, where visitors can experience the majestic whales close up.

Aside from whale watching, Cabo is also well-known for its other water-based activities, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and cruising. Snorkeling and scuba diving allows you to get up close and personal with Cabo’s abundant marine life, while cruising allows you to take in the area’s stunning vistas and coastal formations.

The Flight Break Down

We’ve picked 3 of the UK’s top travel hubs — London, Manchester, and Glasgow — and have broken down some typical airports, airlines, times, stops, and costs below.

Location Airport Airline Time Taken Stops Approximate Costs(Round Trip)
Manchester Manchester Airport British Airways/Finnair, Iberia 29hr 20 mins 2: Heathrow Airport, Dallas Fort Worth Airport (Overnight Layover) £967
London London Heathrow Virgin Atlantic/Aeromexico 17hr 5 mins 1: Mexico City Airport (2hrs 40 mins) £637
Glasgow Glasgow Airport British Airways/Finnair, Iberia 34hr 36 mins 2: Heathrow Airport, Los Angeles Airport (Overnight Layover) £785

As you can see, getting to Cabo from the UK can be quite an arduous journey for Brits. The best option by far is traveling from London, and luckily there are a variety of budget coach services such as Megabus or train services which can help you get to Heathrow. However, while overall this may reduce a stop and some travel time, there is still the expense of your chosen mode of transport to consider, too.

A common tactic for many tourists intending to stay 2 weeks or more is to break their journey into two trips. The usual solution is to stay for a night or two at the layover destination.

In the table above, this option would work great for those traveling from Glasgow.

Either way, for some, traveling to Cabo from the UK can be seen as a time sink, which is sadly why many British tourists have been put off experiencing the wonders that Cabo has to offer… until now.

Tui’s UK to Cabo New Direct Flights

Location Airport Airline Time Taken Stops Costs (RoundTrip)
London London Gatwick TUIi Airways 12hr 10 mins 0 £357

As you can tell, TUI’s new direct flights are a complete game-changer for UK tourists. A new holiday destination for those who previously could only have dreamed of visiting Cabo.

Note that the cost of flights is a third of the usual average. The best news is that the flight time was reduced in half with no changeovers or layovers.

This makes traveling to Cabo far more accessible for families with young children, those who experience anxiety with flying, or those with health conditions which prevent them from staying in one position for too long or suffering from pain or fatigue. In fact, at just 12 hours, the flight to Cabo is the perfect amount of time for a meal, a movie, and a good snooze!