If you enjoy exploring the history of your vacation destinations, Cabo is an ideal vacation spot for you. Here are a few areas of historical significance you may want to check out!

For many of us, the big draw of travel is experiencing the different cultures and histories of each destination we visit. While Cabo is well known for its large amount of tours and boat trips, it also has a rich history, and has many interesting historical places to visit if you know where to look.

In this article we’ll be peeling back the tourism and getting the heart of Cabo’s culture, as seen through its historical sites.

Mission de San Jose del Cabo Añuiti

Also known as ‘the Church of San Jose’, this beautiful church, constructed in its current form in 1940, and found in downtown Cabo, while yet modern, has a rich and interesting history.

Officially established in 1730, the mission was frequented by the English and Spanish alike. The church was able to weather many storms, such as epidemics, diseases, and even flooding, before it finally closed its doors in 1840, and was abandoned to the ravages of time, leading to the aforementioned building of the current mission 100 years later.

Featuring beautiful mosaics, and representing Cabos strong catholic heritage, the church is open to visitors, and for a more in-depth experience, there are several walking tours available.

El Arco de Cabo San Lucas

Known in English as ‘The Arch at Lands End’, the Arco de Cabo San Lucas is one of Cabo’s most recognizable sites. A coastal arch formed by natural erosion and currents over hundreds of years, it’s amazing to think of the amount of historical and social changes witnessed by this resolute monument.

During the swashbuckling 17th and 18th centuries, it was used as a hideout for pirates, waiting to ambush merchant ships. Nowadays, however, the arch’s residents are far friendlier, comprising of sea lions and sometimes the whales which Cabo is so famous for.

Viewable from many coastal areas in Cabo, the Arco de Cabo San Lucas is most stunning when seen at sunrise or sunset, perfectly silhouetted against the burning sky.

You can however get much more up close and personal with a snorkeling trip in the surrounding Cabo San Lucas area, allowing for a completely different view of the landmark than those on the shore.

If you get a taste for snorkeling, there’s also several other locations you can explore, such as Pelican’s rock, known, as the name suggests, for the flock of pelicans that live there.

Casa de la Cultura

Now known for its colorful muralled exterior, the site of the Casa de la Cultura is indelibly interlinked with Cabos history. In the 19th century the site housed American soldiers during the Mexican/American conflicts. It was also for a time the site of the town’s powerplant in the 1970’s.

Now however it’s a center for arts and culture. If you’re an avid thespian, then why not catch a play in the onsite theater? There’s also a weekly event called ‘Jardin Del Arte’, (‘Art’s Garden’ in English), where local artisans and craftspeople exhibit their works.

What better way to discover Cabo’s history and heritage than through its traditional arts and crafts? Who knows, you may even find a one of a kind souvenir to bring back home, whilst supporting a local artist in the process!

El Faro Viejo & Museo

Translated to English as ‘the Old Lighthouse’ and known locally as El Faro Viejo, this Cabo landmark was used between 1890 and 1961 to signal and guide ships through the Sea of Cortez’s waters. Available to explore and often included in Cabo’s walking tours, El Faro Viejo offers a glimpse into 80 years of maritime life.

You can also catch a more scenic view of the Old Lighthouse on many of Cabos’ cruises. From the comfort of a luxury yacht or intimate sailing boat, you can experience not just the wonders of the ocean, but also the many historical landmarks on Cabos coastline.

Perfect for laid back adventurers, you’re able to sit back, relax, enjoy great food, and feast your eyes on monuments such as El Faro Viejo.

The crew joining you on your cruise are also highly knowledgeable of the area and its rich history, and will often inform you of amazing facts, also pointing out some of the best sites, as well as their own personal and unique tales, as you journey in complete comfort, as many of these five star reviews reveal.

History by the Sea

The exciting historical and cultural locations mentioned above certainly do not represent an exhaustive list of all Cabo has to offer in regards to its fascinating past and generational traditions.

In all honesty, other than suggesting some of the key sites and how best to view them, such as by boat, what you are able to discover in Cabo is unique to you, so, when you reach this stunning destination, your adventure really is in your own hands.