If you’re coming to Cabo, chances are you want to partake of its beautiful water! In this article, we tell you where you can safely enjoy some swimming in Cabo.

Cabo is well known for its water-based activities such as cruising, surfing, scuba diving, and snorkeling. In regards to swimming, you actually need to be careful. Many of the areas waters aren’t safe to swim, as they feature steep ocean floor drop-offs, strong waves, and harsh undercurrents making entering the water dangerous. These beaches will always be marked with red flags, and you should never attempt to swim in them, even if you pride yourself on your abilities.

However, while there are some challenges to navigate, it is still possible to swim in Cabo. In this article, we’ll address and offer solutions to some of these issues as well as discover some of the top swimming-friendly beaches in the region.

While most of Cabo’s unsafe beaches are well-marked with red flags, signs, or even manned by lifeguards if you’re ever unsure check with one of the locals or staff at the hotel you’re staying at. If you’re not a strong swimmer at all or are anxious about swimming in the sea, then it’s better to opt for one of Cabo’s many snorkeling or scuba cruises, as experienced personnel will be on hand to help you and will only sail you to safe waters where you can explore the ocean’s scenery below.

Swimming Safety

There are a variety of factors you need to consider when choosing to swim in Cabo to make sure your experience is safe, enjoyable, and most importantly, memorable for all the right reasons!

Marine Life

Cabo is well-known for its abundance of marine life. While largely safe, this factor needs to be considered before swimming. Cabo’s coast is frequented by jellyfish and sea urchins as well as coral on the sea bed. Therefore, to avoid uncomfortable stings or scratches, water shoes and/or rash guard lotions are advised, especially for children.


In summer, the temperature of Cabo can reach into the 90s (Fahrenheit) with a humidity of 60% or more, which means it can feel even hotter with the heat index. This makes swimming even more tempting, as it is such a great way to cool off. However, it is important to always practice sun safety to make sure your holiday isn’t spoiled by painful sunburn or heat stroke.

While you may feel cool in the water, it is important to always remember to use the correct sun protection, such as hats and sunglasses, and always take breaks in the shade and stay hydrated. Reflections from the water increase the sun’s rays, meaning that when swimming you can be at greater risk of heat stroke and sunburn.


Using sunscreen in Cabo is essential, especially when swimming. Cabo’s sun can be harsh, so you need to give your skin as much protection as possible, even on body parts like your legs and feet, which are underwater when swimming. You need to select a sunscreen that is reef-safe with UVA and UVB protection. The minimum acceptable SPF is 15, but with Cabo’s UV index, SPF 30-50 is much more suitable. Read the label on how often to reapply sunscreen to keep you protected.

Swim-Safe Beaches

As mentioned, there are some great swim-safe beaches in Cabo San Lucas as well as further afield in the general Cabo region. Listed below are some of the top choices for tourists.

  • Medano Beach: Medano beach is located in downtown Cabo and is the longest swimmable beach in the region. This beach is a great choice for first-time visitors and families, as it is in the heart of Cabo and feels very much like a traditional resort with bars and restaurants beachside, which are perfect for breaks from the sun.
  • Lover’s Beach: The main drawback of Lover’s Beach is that it can only be reached by boat. However, this can also be far more positive, as it is usually much quieter and more peaceful than more easily accessed beaches. This beach is also ideal for snorkeling.
  • Playa Acapulquito: This is a swimmable beach that isn’t affiliated with any resort. It is known for being clean and well-kept and is often much quieter than popular tourist options.
  • Chileno Beach: This beach a great choice for those wanting to be close to the resort and hotel area and are looking for a public beach to visit. Chileno beach has good amenities such as palapas, restrooms, and lifeguards.
  • Palmilla Beach: For those looking to explore outside of Cabo San Lucas, Palmilla Beach is a good choice, as it is only a short drive out of town, located in Jose del Cabo. Palapas are available for rent, but there aren’t any restaurants, so you’ll need to pack a picnic.

Dive In and Enjoy!

As you can see, with a few safety considerations, a day at the beach complete with swimming is possible in Cabo. Whether you’re looking for the holiday resort experience at Medano Beach, more authentic experience at Palmilla Beach, or the best of both worlds at Chileno Beach, there really is something for everyone.