When you’re traveling with a large group, you need a destination with enough variety to keep everyone entertained. Luckily, Cabo San Lucas has something for everyone.

Are you looking for an exciting trip for your local business, club, church, or school? Do you need a place that will inspire, awe, and entertain those of all ages? Come visit Cabo San Lucas for an experience your group will never forget!

Adventure on the Sea of Cortez

Why do people come to Cabo San Lucas? One reason is the beautiful Sea of Cortez. Right off the coast, it has barrier reefs which contain some of the largest diversities of ocean life in the world. Marine biologists come from across the globe to study the undersea life here. Cabo San Lucas and the Sea of Cortez is one of the world’s greatest places on earth to do underwater photography because the waters stay warm year-round. In the winter months, when the water is slightly cooler, the Sea of Cortez hosts migrating Humpback and Gray Whales who return to this warmer climate for their breeding season. Cabo San Lucas is known for its marine life par excellence.

You can take advantage of this adventure in three ways. First, take a sailboat tour and see the beauty of both the land and sea from the water itself. There are tours in the morning, at midday, and the world famous sunset tours that offer some of the most wonderful oceanic sights you will ever see. These tours also provide open bars, light lunches, and snacks for all passengers.

While you are sailing out on the water, you can go snorkeling with the ocean wildlife. Much of the coastline has rough waves, and the swimmable beaches are sparse and often full of swimmers, but there is excellent swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving to be done on sailboat tours.

That’s right, some of the best scuba diving can be found here in Cabo San Lucas. Bring your waterproof camera for some of the best underwater footage in the Western Hemisphere.

Don’t forget about the whales! Every year, from December to March, whale watching tours are offered aboard these sailboats which allow you to get out in the water near these majestic sea creatures. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to share the seas with these families of humpback and gray whales.

Beaches, Wilderness, and Deserts

Once you’ve had your fill of ocean fun, come back to shore and start your adventures all over again. There are plenty of beaches for you to relax on, with spas connected to many of the local resorts, for those who just want some relaxation away from it all.

For more active groups, you should consider one of the beautiful golf courses on the peninsula, horseback riding trails, or zip line excursions. They are an excellent way to see the sights from the shore and can accommodate large groups with reservations. If you are looking for something a little bit more educational to expand your sense of culture, you can take camel ride tours into the desert and visit some of the local historical villages where they will teach your group how to make tortillas from scratch and taste some authentic tequila (for those in your mature enough for that kind of adventure). There is plenty of fun and learning for youth too

Great Food

There are plenty of great places to eat in Cabo San Lucas as well. Some of the world’s top Mexican restaurants can be found in the resorts here. If you are looking for traditional cuisine, the fish tacos in Cabo are world famous, often imitated, but rarely duplicated. You can expect excellent seafood from most of the restaurants here.

If you had a big group though, you might be looking for food on a budget. Asi & Asado is a Mexican grill known for its excellent tacos. Doggy Style is an American food restaurant (hot dogs galore!) that is quite popular in town. The Cabo Coffee Company is a great coffee shop for those that need a caffeine fix for the day. Moriscos La Palmitate has delicious Mexican seafood dishes that won’t break your bank. If you need something quick, Tacos Guss offers fast Mexican food, recommended by the locals. Feeling homesick? Wicked Pizza offers traditional Italian and American cuisine for those with culturally sensitive palates and stomachs.

There are plenty of reasonable bars in town as well, and you can sign up for wine-tasting tours to give you a chance to sample all the flavors of Cabo in one afternoon. You will find delicious food for any budget, and it might be worth your while to encourage your group to save up some money for a meal at one of the fancier places in town. Many of them are run by world-class chefs who offer 3-5 course meals and more, preparing creative dishes you may not find anywhere else. Most of these come with wine pairings as well.

Whether you are looking for easy relaxation or adventure, on the water or ashore, Cabo San Lucas will delight your group and bring them shared memories that will draw them closer and keep them together for years to come.