Love’s Beach – Playa Del Amor

Here at Lover’s beach something interesting is happening. You can actually choose in which body of water you would like to swim in; the ‘Golf of California’ at the Sea of Cortez or the Pacific Ocean.


Something like that happens only at the bottom of continents like at the southernmost point of Africa at ‘Cape Agulhas’ at the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa (The Atlantic and the Indian Oceans).

Lover’s Beach is mostly unspoiled and should not be missed; it’s close to Land’s End and accessible by boats. Conveniently, Divorce beach is on the other side just across facing the Pacific side. From the safe side of Del Amor it’s possible to swim in the direction of the marina (west) to snorkel at Pelican’s Rock or just of the beach to right at Neptune’s Finger.

Lover’s Beach by Foot

Unfortunately the access to Love’s Beach is not easy by foot because of forbidding rocks and dangerous cliffs. The recommended way to get here is by a water taxi/glass bottom boat to drop you.  If you choose to walk make sure you wear good sandals and be ready for small adventure (45 minutes walk at least).  The shore of Love’s Beach, facing Cabo’s bay is safe for swimming, you can spend day on the beach and go snorkeling. You don’t need a lot of money with you as there are no venders there (just for the water taxi).  p.s. do take water and food).

Lover’s Cave

At Lover’s Beach you can find an enormous cave. This cave is well knows as Love’s Cave. It’s open from above and about 100ft deep (30m). According to the folkloric story it got its name because it’s well known that when two people walk in three coming out.

The other side of Del Amor is facing the Pacific side, Divorce Beach. Divorce beach is only to enjoy looking at – the current, undertow literally will suck you away.

Lover’s Cave, where two people walking in and three coming out.