Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas

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Cabo San Lucas

Located at the south west point of Baja Calfornia, Cabo San Lucas attracts millions of visitors every year. There is something here for everybody. Abundant of activities both aquatic and on land, fine dining, world class sport fishing, top of the line golf courses and night life, all not to be missed.

Cabo San Lucas bay was declared by CONANP and SEMARNAT a protected area thank to the richness and beauty of the marine life it hosts, keeping its natural environment clean and healthy is our top priority.


Snorkeling / Scuba Sites in Los Cabos

The Pelicans Rock
Our favorite snorkeling site! Smaller anchorage drives big boats to other sites keeping the area significantly less busy compare to those other sites. Being closer to the marina, part the of Cabo San Lucas bay, this site is the most protected of all. This site offers the highest quantity and verity of tropical marine life to be found in the area.

Santa Maria bay
A beautiful little cove about 6 miles from Cabo San Lucas. Abundant of tropical fish and dessert scenery makes this site very popular for snorkeling or just hanging on the beach. We like to snorkel in this site late afternoon when the morning traffic is over. (Combination of snorkeling and sunset cruise).

Chileno Bay
Located about 7 miles from Cabo San Lucas is a home for outstanding marine life. The bay is beautiful and wide. Great for snorkeling / Kayaking and hanging on the beach… after morning traffic is over.



Situated to the shores of the Pacific Ocean, Cabo San Lucas enjoys moderate dry climate. Although in tropical zone, with only 10 inches annual rainfall Baja California south is considered as desert
In summer temperatures can reach 100F (38C) on land and 85F (30C) and sea; winter temperatures are
80F (26C) on land and 68F (20C) at sea. Rainfall season s usually September and October.



Los Cabos offers an exquisite international and local cuisine. Fresh sea food is plenty in this area and use in abundant as well other local ingredients. World famous chef’s at high-end decorated restaurants to locals corner restaurant offers great fresh food to meet all tastes.



There are many luxurious resorts and hotels in Cabo San Lucas. From international chain hotel to charming boutique hotels, from all–inclusive resorts to private villa rentals, los cabos provides wide verity to choose from.